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“Take me to the passionate dance” sounds like a verse of a love ballad, but is a name of graphics. In fact, the impression is that these words are whispered to the sharp dry needle, which made the drawing on the metal sheet. The dance is the favourite” state” of Teodora Puncheva’s graphics, because it is present not only in the names of some of them. In every centimetre of these graceful small pictures are dancing numerous delicate strokes, which are dependent to a movement-the wind or the temper of the last small dragon. In the marvellous world of Teodora’s graphics, the harmony between characters is perfect, because every one is happy of the presence of the other and their mutual dependence.

Probably for many the collection between us and This who rules our destiny looks like a difficult dance, in which we stumble all the time, but filled with hope we still persist. The feeling that is a marionette has befallen everyone and may be that’s the explanation for the long stare at the face of the funny clown, when we look for our selves and the meaning of life.

The birds are definitely preferred by Teodora-they are beautiful like peafowl, stiff and self-willed like the cock. They are presented in her drawings even when from their fast flight had remained few fine feathers, falling on the ground. Refined and exotic, as they are, is the strange woman who sleepy reverie meets the dawn. Such woman can dance with a dragon, feed a peafowl with cherries or run with eyes shut. Such woman likes tango and autumn and is not afraid of passing years. She is happy on her own world.

I’m sure that Teodora Puncneva manages to “change” the world, when she paints and therefor her works look like romantic windows towards tenderness.

Her graphics are on sale in several galleries in Sofia and are appreciated by the administers of the black and white contrast.

She graduated NAA “N.Pavlovich” in the Professor Peter Chuklev’s class. Now she is teaching Drawings to the students of four classes in National Academy of Art, Sofia.

                                        Valia Simova,  ROYAL CLASS Magazine Bulgaria


The paperback version of my first children’s book
«Leonard and Loulou» turned out very beautifully.
I’m very, very happy!

Thanks to the New Yorker Publishing House Morgan

BULLYING is the main topic of this story.
The book helps young children (5-9 years) and
adults alike to speak about their feelings and
in their lives.

The book contains twelve very beautiful illustrations
with CATS and DOGS made by the Bulgarian art
professor Teodora Dimitrova.

What READERS said:
«Our 11-year-old was sick and I showed him the
book which I bought for his younger sister. He
read it through in one go: Dad, he said, this is a
funny story… and very beautiful!»

«I like the story because it is about a problem
that young and old human beings know as well
as Léonard: Not to be sufficient and to lose
confidence in themselves. Clever animals are
helping in this loving story. The dogs and cats,
for their part, learn from Léonard how difficult
it is often for humans to show feelings and
confidence. The crafty cat Loulou has an idea …»

«The book is so touching and loving! I feel like
I’ve met Leonard in person. Congratulations!
It is so wonderful when people create things
that speak directly from their hearts and touch


Esther Buerki

March 16 ·


How often in life did I feel not being good enough – exactly as my main characters in my children’s books: Leonard and Lea.

As a kid, as a grown-up and later as an adult, I always wanted to share my feelings with others but I figured out they seem so much more self-confident and they didn’t have the same challenges.
That’s why for many years, I shared my personal story and my feelings with many psychotherapists and got more and more self-confident.

Three years ago, I dared to publish my first children's book «Leonard and Loulou»: about my little son, who didn't feel not good enough to go to school and to face his colleagues. But I didn’t tell that it was also my own story.
Today, I admit.
Today, I'd like to tell you how much I have wished that my parents would have talked about their feelings with me. It would have helped so much.

Maybe, you take this chance and you read one of my children’s book with your children and share your thoughts and feelings.

It’s my biggest wish that we all talk more about our challenges and feelings. Our world will become more colorful and meaningful.

You can order my books directly from me:

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— with   Teodora Puncheva

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